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    Insomnia and Chronic Health Problems Group Medical Appointment

    Insomnia and chronic health conditions can exacerbate or compromise your ability to rest and recover, which may then lead to addition physical and psychological stress. This program is designed to help those who have had a long history of chronic insomnia with additional health concerns. Patients will learn and practice deep relaxation techniques to help establish regular sleep patterns, calm down the active mind, and reduce tension from stress. Weekly sleep logs will be utilized to chart progress. The goal of this program is to help improve sleep through behavioral changes and relaxation skills, reducing the need to utilize a sleep medication.
    Topics Include

    1. Skills to relax and mind and body allowing sleep to come naturally
    2. Reducing physical and mental stress to encourage sleep
    3. Reduce dependency on medications to sleep
    4. Making lifestyle changes to encourage restorative sleep

    Patients attending this class must first be seen by a Sleep Medicine Specialist to help determine the physical, emotional, or medical barriers to sleep, and develop a treatment plan. Patients can be referred to a Sleep Medicine Specialist by their Sutter primary care physician.
    Groups are currently held in Roseville, at the Sutter Medical complex off Sunrise and East Roseville Parkway. Dates and times of group may vary. Many insurances may cover the cost of this appointment. The Insomnia Group is facilitated by Amer Khan, M.D., Sleep Medicine Specialist and Pediatric Neurologist, with a Behaviorist.


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    Please call (916) 773-8711

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