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    Classes and Education

    Use the search options below to find classes of interest to you. Sutter Health affiliates offer classes in locations throughout Northern California.

    The program covers day-to-day management of blood glucose levels during pregnancy and prevention of type 2 diabetes post partum. Next class : July 31
    Be wise about medication taking! Join us to learn tips on jogging your memory, what to do in special situations, green disposal, and safety information for children, pets, and the environment. Next class : September 10
    We use electronic devices in every room - should we keep our electronics out of the bedroom? Sleep specialist Joanna Cooper, MD, will discuss the most current findings regarding the effects of electronic devices on our sleep. Next class : August 26
    Provides daily calls to people who are homebound or isolated. Next class : To Be Announced
    Just in time for the big day, PAMF internist Dr. Linda Shiue will show you how to prepare the classic Thanksgiving side dishes you love - revamped to be lighter, tastier and more exciting. Next class : November 19
    The Aging Eye (Mountain View) Next class : August 12
    The Family Table: A Time to Nourish, Connect...and Unplug (Mountain View) Next class : November 11
    Join Dr. Ronesh Sinha to discuss weight loss and improving your body composition by using technology to create meal plans and time efficient exercise techniques. The concepts presented will be customized to South Asians and other cultures. Next class : October 8
    An interactive class focusing on breathing, labor positions, relaxation and partner support. Next class : September 28
    The Joint Replacement Pre-Operative Class is an informative free one hour class to help you prepare for your surgery and recovery. Next class : August 26