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    Sutter Health Physician Referral Service

    Physician referralConnecting you and your patients to world-class neurological care

    How to Refer a Patient to the Sutter East Bay Neuroscience Institute

    Sutter EHR Users:

    Make a referral request through Sutter EHR by selecting the following:

    1. Class: Outgoing
    2. Place of service/location: Sutter Health Referral Service
    3. Send a referral message to our pool: P Sutter Health Referral Service

    Non-Sutter EHR Users:

    Fax or email the Neuroscience Referral Form (PDF, 107 KB) to us along with:

    • copy of insurance card
    • chart notes
    • reports
    • lab results

    Sutter Health Physician Referral Service

    Please note: URGENT referrals have priority.

    Referral Management

    Once the Sutter Health Physician Referral Service has all the necessary information about your patient, the referral team will:

    • Contact the appropriate specialists who can provide the care requested
    • Confirm specialists’ availability or inform you if no Sutter-affiliated specialist is available
    • Call your patient with referral status, provide specialist information and answer
    • Provide patient clinical notes and reason for referral to the specialist
    • Facilitate appointment scheduling for the patient
    • Send you a status report
    • Maintain ongoing communications with the patient, your office and the specialty office

    The Physician Referral Service team understands that speed is often critical. In each instance, the team keeps the focus on patient care by doing everything necessary to expedite your referrals.

    Concierge Care for Patients

    The Physician Referral Service team provides services that minimize stress and confusion. Team members check in with your patients often, answer their questions and ensure they feel well cared for during often-stressful times.

    The goal is to smooth the referral path by fully supporting you, your patients and the specialists receiving referrals.

    Who Benefits?

    While Sutter Health EHR requests have simplified many referrals to tertiary and quarternary care, some still require the personal attention and direct support of the Physician Referral Service team.

    Sutter Health Physician Referral Service assists those providers by personally handling referral requests and managing the referral process.

    Contact Us

    For questions about the Sutter Health Physician Referral Service, please call 855-421-2904 or email