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    What Our Patients Say
    Orthopedic Experiences at Alta Bates Summit

    Teresa K.

    Teresa stretching
    “Dr. Thomas Peatman was my surgeon and I had both of my hips replaced. Having the surgery has had a huge impact on my daily life because I'm not in pain anymore so I can accomplish regular activities. Before I couldn’t walk straight and now I can get things done with ease. I don't take the everyday things for granted. My advice for someone getting joint replacement would be to trust in God and have faith in the process.”

    Lina P.

    Lina smiling“I am so grateful to Dr. Christopher Chen that everything turned out as well as it did. One year after my hip surgery I feel that I have my life back. I love being back volunteering and working with such great people. I recently walked from the San Francisco ferry building to North Beach for coffee, and then to Fisherman's Wharf. I made my 10000 steps that day!

    “I would urge anyone not to keep suffering. Get that hip replaced, follow the doctor’s orders, do your exercises. You'll be glad when you're free of pain and doing what you want to do.”

    Diana S.

    Diana with bicycle
    “After Dr. Brad Zwahlen performed my surgery and I began my recovery process, I began to enjoy simple things that I couldn’t do before surgery. I could now walk significant distances with no pain, get on and off my bike more easily, and not limp! Now, I am back to riding my bike long distances and lifting weights at the gym.

    “The advice that I would give to other athletes and active folks would be to consider surgery sooner, rather than ‘tough it out.’ Also, try to be in as good of shape as you can before surgery. In particular, work on upper body strength because you will need it for basic tasks as you recover. In addition, give yourself time to heal properly and let friends and family help you.”

    Michael M.

    Michael on boat“I have found great satisfaction in my dual shoulder replacements (January and October 2015).

    “I live aboard my 44-foot sailboat on the SF Bay. Prior to replacements, my shoulders' degenerative arthritis limited me in many ways day to day, particularly in sailing tasks and maintenance work.

    “Since the shoulder replacements, and with the top-notch post-surgery physical therapy follow-ups, all activities on the boat are a breeze (pun intended).

    “My physical activities have greatly expanded and motivated me into my best physical shape in my past 20 years. I've maintained a near-daily gym and biking routine in the past half-year, including dropping 30 pounds and gaining upper body strength I never could have achieved in my past condition.

    “Having these surgeries completed by Dr. Kirk Jensen were the best two decisions I've made in a long time. His care and expertise are awesome. And he's a genuinely good guy.”

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