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    EHI Executive Committee

    As a community service of Alta Bates Summit Medical Center, the Ethnic Health Institute operates under the direction and guidance of an Executive Committee, local advisory board and Alta Bates Summit Medical Center's Community Relations Staff. The EHI Advisory Board, which is racially, ethnically and professionally diverse, is charged with supporting EHI's goals by helping to develop, organize and evaluate its services and projects.

    Frank Staggers, Sr, MD
    • Frank Staggers, Sr., MD
    • Board Chairperson
    • Frank Staggers, Sr., MD, is a retired urologist and past president of the California Medical Association, National Medical Association, and many other prestigious organizations.

    Michael LeNoir, MD
    • Michael LeNoir, MD
    • President
    • Michael A. LeNoir, MD, is a pediatrician, immunologist, asthma and allergy specialist, and a pioneer in the use of broadcast media to deliver health and wellness messages.

    Mildred Crear
    • Mildred Crear
    • Alameda County Liaison
    • Mildred Crear, RN, MPH, is a retired nurse who is active in community health and wellness screening and education.

    Bessanderson McNeil
    • Bessanderson McNeil
    • Contra Costa County Liaison
    • Bessanderson McNeal, MPH, is a community health and wellness promoter, and a retired hypertension educator and researcher.

    Jill Gruen
    • Jill Gruen
    • Director, Marketing & Communications
    • Jill K. Gruen, BS, MS, is the Director of Marketing for Sutter East Bay Region.

    Debbie Pitts-Cameron
    • Debbie Pitts-Cameron
    • Manager, Public Affairs
    • Debbi Pitts Cameron, MPA, is the Manager of Public Affairs for the Sutter East Bay Region.

    Joyce Gray
    • Joyce Gray
    • EHI Program Director
    • Joyce J. Gray, MHA, is the Program Director for Alta Bates Summit EHI.

    Arlene Swinderman
    • Arlene Swinderman
    • EHI & Asian Outreach Program Coordinator
    • Arlene Swinderman, MPA, is the Coordinator of the Alta Bates Summit Asian Outreach Program and EHI.

    James Johnson, Jr
    • James Johnson, Jr.
    • EHI Community Outreach
    • James Johnson, Jr., BA, is the EHI Community Outreach Associate for health initiatives, IT and Social Media.

    Camille Gonzales
    • Camille Gonzales
    • EHI Community Outreach Assistant
    • Camille Gonzales, BA, is the EHI Community Outreach Assistant for communications, research and design.