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    A few of EHI's accomplishments are listed below. For a full list please visit EHI Accomplishments.

    1. 2010

      Educated over 300 employees and patients at World Diabetes Day Fair

    2. 2009

      Screened over 500 people at Spirit of the Heart cardiovascular event

    3. 2008

      Worked with Komen on the Go for Breast Cancer Screening

    4. 2007

      Developed stroke documentary to educated the community about strokes and how to prevent them

    5. 2006

      Screened over 100 men for Prostate Cancer

    6. 2005

      Helped plan the Bay Area Black United Fund-sponsored African-American Health Summit

    7. 2004

      Hosted first OUSD Nurses Training

    8. 2003

      Matthew Brandon Sooy Memorial Event held and proceeds donated to EHI for asthma outreach and education

    9. 2002

      EHI receives $400,000 CAFA grant in asthma

    10. 2001

      EHI receives $750,000 prostate cancer grant

    11. 2000

      Expanded media outreach and education efforts

    12. 1999

      Hosted Community Asthma Forum with over 70 asthma and healthcare providers in Alameda County

    13. 1998

      1st public service announcement on Prostate Cancer

    14. 1997

      Ethnic Health Institute founded

    To view a complete list of what EHI has accomplished you can view EHI Accomplishmentments.