Nationally recognized
for quality outcomes,
we're a national leader
in saving lives.

Our Cardiovascular Center of Excellence is a nationally recognized heart center serving the Oakland / East Bay region, providing top-rated cardiac care by a team of heart doctors and cardiac specialists. We offer diagnostic and treatment techniques, using the latest in state-of-the-art technology.

Our experienced, award-winning team of board-certified cardiologists, cardiothoracic surgeons (heart surgeons), and other heart and cardiac specialists have an outstanding track record of diagnosing, treating and preventing heart and vascular disease.

We are the only Bay Area hospital recognized for 'Better than Expected Outcomes for Postoperative Stroke Following Cardiac Surgery' (CABG) in 2012. We've received numerous awards of distinction including the Cardiac Institute of Quality (IOQ) award being named 'Top 50 in the Country in Performing Cardiac Surgery' by Consumer Reports. Read more about some of our best-in-class awards for cardiac care.

We're extremely proud of our team of top heart doctors, nurses, and other heart specialists as well as the excellent outcomes that give our patients from throughout the San Francisco Bay Area the opportunity to live longer, more fulfilling lives.

Our Heart Doctors

Our goal for each and every patient is to identify the best heart treatment options for that unique individual. Browse our team of top heart specialists in the Oakland / East Bay region.

Cardiac Care Near You

Our specialists deliver compassionate patient care using leading-edge procedures, to patients living throughout the East Bay Area. While our services are located in Berkeley and Oakland, patients come to our center from Hayward, Pleasanton, Lafayette, and other East Bay communities as well as from greater California and the United States to seek the best heart and cardiac hospital care available. We strive to be the best heart hospital not just in the East Bay but for every patient who enters our center, whether they come from Oakland, Berkeley, or beyond the Bay Area.