Helping You Make
Healthy Choices


Healthy Beginnings lead to health and wellness throughout the coming adult years.


Adolescence brings many Changes that require support and understanding from the family.


The young adult years offer a variety of Choices from career, to family, to lifestyle.

PrimeTime PrimeTime

This is the PrimeTime for a woman to take care of her health through body, mind, and soul.

NewDirections NewDirections

Mature adults face NewDirections in life such as retirement, and more personal and family time.

LivingWell LivingWell

When a woman is LivingWell she appreciates every day and enjoys it to the fullest.

For every stage of life, Alta Bates Summit Medical Center provides women with top notch medical treatment. LifeStages for Women is your portal to the unique programs, services, and health information you need to flourish at each stage of your life. You can use this website to learn easily and quickly about comprehensive resources available to you and the women in your life.

The illustrations that grace these web pages are by East Bay artist Jessel Miller.