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    Telephone Directory

    Main Campus Information

    Alta Bates Campus - 2450 Ashby Ave., Berkeley510-204-4444
    Herrick Campus - 2001 Dwight Way, Berkeley510-204-4444
    Summit Campus - 350 Hawthorne Ave., Oakland510-655-4000

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    General Information & Patient Calls

    Alta Bates and Herrick Campus Patient Calls510-204-4444
    TTY Line510-204-1302
    Summit Campus Patient Calls510-655-4000
    TTY Line510-420-6030

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    Emergency Departments

    Alta Bates Campus Emergency Department, Berkeley510-204-1303
    TTY Line510-204-1304
    Summit Campus Emergency Department, Oakland510-869-6600
    TTY Line510-654-1100

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    Medical Services & Appointments

    Adult Immunology Clinic510-869-8400
    Asthma Resource Center510-204-3348
    Behavioral Health510-204-4405
    Breast Health Center (Carol Ann Read)510-869-8377
    Alta Bates Campus510-204-1690
    Summit Campus510-869-6528
    Carol Ann Read Breast Health Center510-869-8377
    Comprehensive Cancer Center510-204-1591
    Comprehensive Cancer Information Hotline (Toll-free number)800-870-8705
    Markstein Cancer Education and Prevention Services510-869-8833
    Cryopreservation Laboratory510-204-2362
    Diabetes Center510-204-1081
    Disabled Community Health Clinic510-204-4738
    East Bay Perinatal Medical Association510-444-0790
    Eating Disorder Program510-204-4405
    Family Resource Center
    Merritt Pavilion, Summit Campus510-869-8612
    Providence Pavilion, Summit Campus510-869-8623
    Health Access Program510-869-6737
    East Bay AIDS Center510-869-8400
    Alta Bates Campus510-204-1631
    Merritt Pavilion, Summit Campus510-869-6560
    Alta Bates Summit Imaging and Mammography Center510-204-1880
    Carol Ann Read Breast Health Center510-869-8377
    Markstein Cancer Education and Prevention Services510-869-8833
    Mental Health Services - Inpatient510-204-4451
    Mental Health Services - Outpatient510-204-4569
    MPI Chemical Dependency Treatment Services510-652-7000
    MRI Center
    5730 Telegraph Ave., Oakland510-204-1820
    3000 Telegraph Ave., Oakland510-869-8777
    Nuclear Medicine
    Alta Bates Campus510-204-1566
    Summit Campus510-869-6542
    Obstetrics (OB)
    Financial Counseling510-204-1310
    Osteoporosis Testing510-204-1880
    Parent Education Classes510-204-1334
    Comprehensive Cancer Center Outpatient510-204-1543
    Milvia Outpatient510-204-6550
    Peralta Outpatient510-869-8835
    Physician Referral Health Match510-869-6777
    Psychiatric Intake510-204-4405
    Psychiatric Services - Inpatient510-204-4451
    Psychiatric Services - Outpatient510-204-4569
    Pulmonary Rehabilitation510-204-1586
    Radiation Oncology
    Herrick Campus510-204-5311
    Summit Campus510-869-8888
    Radiology X-Ray
    Alta Bates Campus510-204-1566
    Herrick Campus510-204-4460
    Summit Campus510-869-8800
    Alta Bates Summit Imaging and Mammography Center510-204-1880
    Rehabilitation Programs - Outpatient
    TTY Line510-204-4574
    Occupational Therapy - Herrick Campus510-204-4599
    Physical, Sports and Hand Therapy - 5700 Telegraph Ave., Oakland510-204-1788
    Physical Therapy - Herrick Campus510-204-4599
    Speech Therapy
    Alta Bates Campus510-204-1617
    Herrick Campus510-204-4599
    Work Hardening510-204-1788
    Respiratory Services
    Alta Bates Campus510-204-1588
    Herrick Campus510-204-4542
    Summit Campus510-869-6544
    Skilled Nursing Facility510-869-8940
    Thunder Road510-653-5040
    Vascular Center
    Alta Bates Campus510-204-1601
    Summit Campus – Interventional Radiology510-869-6527
    Weight Loss Surgery510-869-8972

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    Patient Accounts855-398-1633
    Accounts Payable510-869-8279
    Alta Bates Campus510-204-1388
    Financial Counselor510-204-1389
    Summit Campus510-869-6506
    Financial Counselor510-869-8930
    Billing - Patient Services855-398-1633
    Clinical Resource Management
    Alta Bates Campus510-204-2064
    Summit Campus510-869-6173
    Ethnic Health Institute510-869-8223
    Health Access Program510-869-6737
    Health Education Center510-869-6161
    Health Match Physician and Referral Service510-869-6777
    Marketing and Community Relations510-869-6762
    Medical Records
    Alta Bates Campus510-204-1440
    Summit Campus510-869-6545
    Medical Staff Office
    Alta Bates Campus510-204-1521
    Summit Campus510-869-6565
    Nightingales Fashion Scrubs510-869-8338
    Alta Bates Campus510-204-1025
    Summit Campus510-869-6516
    Nursing Recruitment510-655-4000 ext. 4121
    Alta Bates Campus510-204-1506
    Herrick Campus510-204-4270
    Summit Campus510-869-6517
    Patient Relations
    Alta Bates and Herrick Campuses510-204-4689
    Summit Campus510-869-6139
    Alta Bates Campus510-204-1388
    Summit Campus510-869-8627
    Public Relations510-869-6762
    The Jordan Research and Education Institute510-204-4155
    Showcase - 5615 College Ave., Oakland510-653-1527
    Spiritual Care/Chaplaincy510-204-6730
    Tele-Care Telephone Reassurance510-204-4487
    Volunteer Association
    Alta Bates Campus510-204-1695
    Herrick Campus510-204-4456
    Summit Campus510-869-6553
    Junior Volunteers510-204-2032

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