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    • John Alden

      John C. Alden, M.D.

      350 30th Street, Suite 444
      Oakland, CA  94609
      (510) 452-2020

      Specializing in

      Not Accepting new patients
      Open to new patients who do not belong to HMOs.

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    • Anthony Allen

      Anthony E. Allen, M.D.

      Sutter East Bay Medical Foundation
      Alta Bates Summit Medical Center, Merritt Pavilion
      350 Hawthorne Avenue
      Oakland, CA  94609
      (510) 869-6883

      Specializing in


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    • Basil Alwattar

      Basil Alwattar, M.D.

      Oakland Bone and Joint Specialists
      80 Grand Ave.
      5th Floor
      Oakland, CA  94612
      (510) 451-6266

      Specializing in

      Orthopedic Surgery
      Accepting new patients

      Offers Online Services This provider offers some online services. Please call the doctor's office to learn what specific services they offer.
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    • David Anderson

      David J. Anderson, M.D.

      365 Hawthorne Avenue
      Suite 201
      Oakland, CA  94609
      (510) 452-1345

      Specializing in

      Cardiovascular Disease
      Accepting new patients

      Interventional Cardiology
      Accepting new patients

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    • Janet Arnesty

      Janet E. Arnesty, M.D.

      East Bay Family Practice Medical Group
      3100 Telegraph Ave.
      Suite 2109
      Oakland, CA  94609
      (510) 645-9900

      Specializing in

      Family Medicine
      Accepting new patients

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    • Kishor Avasarala

      Kishor Avasarala, M.D.

      747 52nd Street
      Oakland, CA  94609
      (510) 428-3294

      Specializing in

      Pediatric Cardiology
      Accepting new patients

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    • Arash Babaki

      Arash S. Babaki, M.D.

      400 - 34th Street
      Oakland, CA  94609
      (510) 869-6883

      Specializing in


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    • Trissa Baden

      Trissa A. Baden, M.D.

      East Bay Perinatal Medical Associates
      350 - 30th Street Suite 205
      Oakland, CA  94609
      (510) 444-0790

      Specializing in

      Obstetrics and Gynecology
      Please contact physician's office to see if they are accepting new patients.

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    • Lisa Bailey

      Lisa Bailey, M.D.

      3300 Webster Street
      Suite 212
      Oakland, CA  94609
      (510) 835-9900

      Specializing in

      Cancer Surgery
      Not Accepting new patients
      Practice limited to surgery of breast cancer and other diseases of the breast

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    • Rebeka Barth

      Rebeka Barth, M.D.

      350 Hawthorne Ave.
      Oakland, CA  94609
      (510) 869-6600

      Specializing in

      Emergency Medicine

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