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    A Few of Our Success Stories

    Russ in a CarRuss's Story
    Stroke Patient
    Russ’s life as a salesman was filled with stress and pressure. He developed poor eating habits, smoked, and was diagnosed with high blood pressure. At the age of 50, Russ had a stroke. He felt the right side of his body tingling and then he collapsed. After first being admitted to Alta Bates Summit with complete paralysis on his right side, Russ has now returned to work full time and is playing tennis thanks to the rehabilitation program.
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    Pamela with a HorsePamela's Story
    Stroke Patient
    Pamela had a successful career as an architect, she enjoyed riding her horse and playing tennis, and her life was quite perfect. Suddenly, in the night, she experienced the most subtle of stroke symptoms; slurred speech and a little disorientation. She had no idea she was having a stroke. After several weeks in the hospital and with the assistance of the therapist team, Pamela returned home in a month, is able to cook and drive once again, and is back working as an architect.
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    Patricia with a FriendPatricia's Story
    Brain Injury Patient
    Patricia was a college student a year away from graduating. What started as a normal day ended in a tragic automobile accident. Patricia suffered a traumatic brain injury and was in a coma for four months. After spending another six months recovering in the hospital, she began inpatient rehabilitation and had to learn how to walk and talk again. Patricia is now relearning how to drive and has returned to school.
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    Matt with his DadMatt's Story
    Brain Injury Patient
    Matt, a promising 19-year-old college sophomore and outstanding athlete, was involved in a head-on collision during which he suffered a severe brain injury. Matt was in a coma for months. Doctors told his family that he may never walk again, talk again, or for that matter, survive at all. With a tremendous amount of hard work, incredible family support and the remarkable rehab team, Matt made milestones in his recovery. Matt now lives in his own condo, works out at the gym three times a week and he's earned his Master’s degree in Gerontology.
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